The frightened eyes of the female


The frightened eyes of the female. The young mother with long blonde hair enters the room out of breath, she was in a hurry and had to hurry. She sits down tired and her sweet son tries to console her. She is very tired and decides to sleep on her son’s lap, it seems right to me… As soon as the woman falls asleep the boy decides to pull out a tit and pinch her nipples… well since his mouth is open, it’s better to put the cock in your mouth, right? The woman opens her eyes… and… and nothing happens, her eyes roll out and she continues sucking, that’s not what women always do.

The frightened eyes of the female

It seems normal to me. The cock is long and hard, better not to rebel and do this to her poor son. If it fits in the stepmother’s mouth she obviously doesn’t fuck, let’s do her this favor, come on! The woman has a really wide mouth.

it’s definitely not the first blowjob she’s given and it definitely won’t be the last one she gives to her son. A good lady also does this for her baby.. Also A nice afternoon blowjob. With a nice swallow, a cum inside in mom’s mouth.

Date: December 8, 2023

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