Mom and daughter please the boy


Mom and daughter please the boy.

young daughter

takes it all down her throat for a long time. The man pushes his pelvis towards the head of this good girl, again and again. The girl in the red shirt is very good at sucking it deeply and passionately, while the mother licks the hard shaft from below, passing the cock with her soft, plump and lustful lips, finally she also licks the male’s hairy balls, with elegant submission.

Mom and daughter please the boy

a long blowjob from two hot women is a real exciting pleasure… seeing them in action for long minutes. While the more experienced one massages the girl’s beautiful excited breasts. She brutally squeezes his nipples, you seem to hear her moans of pleasure. I imagine the two pussies wet and excited. When a woman keeps a cock in her mouth for so long, it becomes a habit in her mind that excited images of sex emerge, she imagines that man making her enjoy with his cock in her womb. The girl is good at making me horny just by looking at her. The two women, mother and daughter, kiss passionately, while Kira has everything in her mouth to give him a long blowjob.

At first the daughter isn’t sure if she will stop and she uses her hand to coordinate it. When she is sure, she removes her fingers from his member and there the man begins the routine of putting his big surrendered cock into her lustful jaws in her mouth. In fact they have to

a long blowjob from two exciting women finally leads the man to enter the mother’s mouth, cumming on Kira’s cheek. The movement is constant in the girl’s mouth, it does not reach the base of her. The man gasps when the first jet enters her mouth, the second on her lips. The cock is uncontrollable, the woman swallows the sperm.

they look for the cock covered in sperm. Kira takes it and swallows the sperm into the shaft. The two women kiss and lick the sperm from their faces swollen with lascivious desire. While the girls suck the balls. The mother and daughter had this crazy desire to get fucked by one of her boyfriends. family unity is important

Actors: Kira Green
Category: Double Blowjob
Added on: December 16, 2023

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