The girl opened her mouth


The girl opened her mouth. Petite blonde Brianna is talking to a big man in the kitchen, he scolds her and she leaves annoyed. She is caught by the bad man doing bad things in the bathroom and the only thing the man can do is punish her for her misdeeds. At first the girl rebels but the patriarchal power has absolute domination over that petite girl and she must give in to the will of the strongest.

The man uses her daughter’s mouth to punish her and satisfy her depraved desires with her petite blonde. Her daughter’s mouth is trained to take the man’s cock between her soft lips, she can finally please the man and make him enjoy with her warm mouth. As much as she seems displeased with the girl she likes to suck cock. Blonde daughter with pigtail cut takes huge dick deepthroat giving him a majestic deepthroat! The young girl is a perfect cocksucker.

The girl opened her mouth

Her long years of cocksucking have made her famous throughout the neighborhood. The man is not satisfied he needs to enjoy himself inside her, but without getting his daughter pregnant…

in fact what to do? Deflower her asshole, breaking it thoroughly.

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Added on: January 6, 2024

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