The man doesn’t want to see his mother naked


The man doesn’t want to see his mother naked. The story was born like this by chance. Innocent mom goes to the bathroom after her son washes, she dries him and puts cream on his body, even on his cock… normal. Just wanking his dick, poor guy is a virgin no one takes care of that big dick, what should she do poor lady…and even her balls poor guy are so big they hurt…

The man doesn’t want to see his mother naked

The problem continues and she has to take care of her boy, the hand is not enough, even the mouth now, the cock is long and thick, the intense blowjob, but it is his mother, he must not see her breasts, it’s a shame! But the poor guy’s cock is always hard and a poor woman can’t do anything other than take care of her son’s cock with a blowjob and without getting dirty… mother’s love, come in my mouth!! And the woman swallows all the big cock’s loads of cum. Prestine is truly so ethereal playing this part. She acts like a really calm mother as if it were completely normal to have her son’s huge cock cum in her mouth. And how many loads she takes until the last facial cum, to understand that the bitch mother really drank a lot of stuff.

Actors: Prestine Edge
Category: Perv Mom
Added on: January 7, 2024

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