the slut. I love the slut. It’s free.

She is a woman who loves sex like men. She doesn’t do it out of interest, she does it for pleasure.

Also She is a nymphomaniac but she can control herself. You can find it in swingers clubs.

She cheats on her man if he wants it. She’s not a bitch. She has her limits, but you can find all kinds.

If she has a real man by her side she can turn into a saint out of bed and a slut in bed.

every man’s dream. (my opinions are based on my experience, not all women are like that)

She can cheat on her husband only if he neglects her sexually or is unable to have sex and she becomes an available cuckold.

Anal moves the ass… this way the hard cock penetrates deeper. In doggy style the slut feels the cock all the way to the base, like in the candle snuffer.

Indeed Anal is consensual sex in the ass. The pleasure of anal intercourse is intense.

For those who don’t know it, it can be a painful pleasure. But is not so.

If it is done in the right and relaxed way it is a very intense pleasure.

Anal done with a relaxed woman and an experienced man can be very pleasant for both.
Indeed In the long run it can be a practice that can make the woman more dependent than the man.

The woman might be scared by a big dick and calm by a small dick. But it’s just a visual idea.

also The pleasure or pain can be different based on the relaxation of the rectum.